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MAOXIN Q42 Smart Heating Coaster Set Free Glass

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Xiaomi Maoxin Q42 Smart Heating Coaster

Product description

This Xiaomi product is the food of tea lovers. An empty cup on your desk to keep your tea or coffee cup warm at all times. Especially when you are busy with work or play and your tea freezes. The Xiaomi Liberfeel Maoxin Q42 Smart Heating Coaster is a completely waterproof and completely safe device that can keep your tea temperature at 70 degrees.

Physical features

Xiaomi Maoxin Q42 underlay is made of Pc plastic + aluminum alloy  and measures 32 × 106 × 136 mm . So, no matter how big Magtan is, this cup does not reduce. The dimensions of the heating surface are 8.5 cm , which gives a large surface to the coaster and distributes the heat evenly.

The design of this coaster is modeled on old TVs and is reminiscent of the past.

As we said, the thickness of this coaster is 32 mm and it is light enough to carry with you. The thermal panel is made of aluminum alloy  and has a high impact resistance. Underneath, anti-slip pads are placed so that it stays well on the table and does not slip.


The Maoxin Q42 thermal coaster has an automatic shut-off capability at adjustable intervals of 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours. During the operation of this coaster, you can see its temperature through the small display on it. This device does not produce much noise while working and its output sound is equal to 25 decibels.

The coaster also has three levels of protection, which include protection against overvoltage, overheating and overload.

Energy consumption

The Xiaomi Liberfeel Q42 heating cup produces 25 watts  of power and must be plugged into an electrical outlet. If you are worried about high power consumption, you should know that Xiaomi has announced that if you use it continuously for 1 day, it will consume 0.5kWh of energy. 

The thermal panel can generate heat in three levels of  40, 55, 70 degrees and transfer it to the glass through conduction. A gravity sensor is placed under the device, which automatically starts heating as soon as the glass is placed. When you remove the glass, the heating device itself shuts off. To change the temperature of the coaster, just squeeze the volume a little and then twist.

Compatibility with most glasses

Liberfeel Q42 thermal coaster is compatible with glass , ceramic , steel cups and all cups and cups with flat heated floor except plastic cups. Since we are dealing with liquids, electricity and heat in this product, we should know that the standard of waterproofing and insulation of the body of the coaster makes its use completely safe.


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