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  • REPOR Massage Pillow
  • REPOR Massage Pillow
  • REPOR Massage Pillow
  • REPOR Massage Pillow
  • REPOR Massage Pillow
  • REPOR Massage Pillow
  • REPOR Massage Pillow
  • REPOR Massage Pillow


REPOR Neck Massage Pillow RP-Z5 Gray

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A type: Massage pillow
Brand: Repor
Model: RP-Z5
Rated voltage: 12 in
Rated power: 24 watts
The size:

420 x 52 mm


Product Description

Warm Kneading Massage Function

The Repor RP-Z5 massage pillow is designed to treat problems of the cervical spine and reduce the sensations of stiffness and soreness.

Thanks to the function of warm kneading massage, it is able to relieve pain in the shoulders and neck, relieve fatigue, and enhance blood circulation.

The massage head simulates the real touch of human hands

To make the massage closer to the human hand, the massage pillow uses a vertical raised massage head, which simulates the touch of the fingers, can press and knead together with rotation, and deeply relax the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

 Convenient massage mode switching

The massage head simulates the technique of direct massage and reverse kneading. You can switch the direction of massage according to different needs by pressing the control button located on the side of the product.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of Repor RP-Z5 pillow, can maintain the natural physiological curvature of the spine, whether sleeping on the back or on the side, this pillow will take care of the health of the cervical spine throughout the night.

Thoughtful Design

The Repor RP-Z5 sleep pillow is heated by carbon fiber.

Wormwood is used as the components of this product. Wormwood has been finely crushed and passed through more than a dozen manufacturing processes, combined with high quality medicinal materials, it penetrates deep into the neck muscles, providing a healing effect.

Soft Support

The inner core of the sleep pillow is made of high density memory foam with small molecular gaps and filling for excellent pressure relief and support.

When the pressure of the head on the pillow is released, the memory foam can slowly return to its original shape.


Customer questions & answers

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